Challenger Gas Water Heater 20L

$1,150.00 Includes GST

Challenger Gas Califont Water Heater – Natural Gas (CNG) or LPG

• Designed and manufactured purposefully for New Zealand condition and gas requirement
• Better performance (compared to its other equivalent sized gas water heaters)
• NZ recognised brand combined with immediate technical back up
• Spare parts are available immediately (on-hand)
• 40 years of expertise in the industry – Sold thousands of gas water heaters!

Do you want hassle free hot water through winter? Then the Challenger 20L Califont Natural Gas model with built-in frost protection is the answer. While you connect to a 240Volt (mains) power supply and switched on, this unit will provide hassle free, hot water through winter. Ideal for any home, this unit is designed for an external installation only. Included with this item is a remote digital temperature control.

• Recommended for minimum 17L/min water flow (best for city supply)
• Outdoor Installation
• Electronic Impulse Ignition
• DC Fan Forced Ventilation
• Auto-adjusting Temperature
• Simultaneous Induction Regulating Device
• Electricity/Gas Proportioning Technology
• Advanced Gas/Air Proportioning Technology
• Automatic Self-detecting Function, Auto Alarm with Error Codes

• Uses Natural Gas (CNG)
• Rated Heat Input: 40kW
• Rated Water Output Capacity: 20L/min
• Power Supply: AC 240 Volt (Mains Power)
• Gas Inlet Connection (Bsp): 3/4″
• Cold Water Inlet (Bsp): 1/2″
• Hot Water Outlet (Bsp): 1/2″
• Dimensions (mm): W380 x D180 x H610

Item is brand new and comes with a 12-month Warranty

This model is available in either Natural Gas (CNG) or LPG

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